Running projects

Jewish and woman. Intersectional and historical perspectives on Jewish women’s lives in Sweden during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries

The purpose of this project is to investigate the history of Swedish Jewish Women and their experiences of antisemitism and sexism during the twentieth and twenty-first century. The project has two parts. In the first part Jewish periodicals are analysed to investigate in what ways Jewish women are narrated in Swedish-Jewish public discourse during the years 1929–2020? In the second part of the project interviews are conducted and analysed to research what and how Jewish women narrate about their lives, with a specific focus on the experiences and stories of antisemitism and sexism? The study will contribute with new empirical knowledge on the history of Jewish women in Sweden for almost 100 years (1929–2020) as well as new knowledge about their experiences of antisemitism and sexism and what consequences these experiences has had for their lives and life choices.

Narratives as cultural heritage. Power and resistance in collections of narratives from and about immigrants at the archive of the Nordic museum.

This project investigates how memory institutions contribute to construct and dissolve the boundaries of the Swedish community by including or excluding immigrants in the construction processes of cultural heritage. The archive of the Nordic Museum's is selected as the object of study because it is a leading cultural heritage institution in Sweden. The project examines the collecting processes and the content of collections of narratives by and about immigrants at different times from 1970 to 2015. Working within the framework of oral history and archival science and by using the concept of intersectionality we research how the understandings of categories such as ‘Swedes’ and ‘immigrants’ and other social categorisations have shaped the different processes of collection. 

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  • (2017) “The making of cultural heritage and ethnicity in the archive: the example of the Nordic Museum” i Christina Johansson & Pieter Bevelander & (red), Museums in a time of migration: rethinking museums' roles, representations, collections, and collaborations, Nordic Academic Press. s. 169-195. Med J. Johansson
  • (2016) ”Narratives from multicultural Sweden – Positioning and identification in immigrant collections at the archive of the Nordic Museum 1970–2015”, i Oral History, No 2, 2016, s. 81-90 Med J. Johansson.
  • (2013) “The Swedish Jews and the Jewish survivors. The first public narratives about survivors in Swedish Jewish press” i Reaching a State of Hope. Refugees, Immigrants and the Swedish Welfare State, 1930-2000, eds. M. Byström & P. Frohnert, Lund.
  • (2013) “To hear with the collection. Contextualisation and recontextualisation of archived interviews" i Oral history, No 2, Volume 41, s. 63–74.
  • (2009) “Oral history, constructions and deconstructions of narratives: Intersections of class, gender, locality, nation and religion in narratives from a Jewish woman in Sweden”, Enquire, Vol. 2, Issue 1, s. 1-24. Med I. Dahl. 
  • (2005) Hechaluz – en rörelse i tid och rum. Tysk-judiska ungdomars exil i Sverige 1933–1943, Växjö University Press. (dissertation)
  • (2005) ”Memories of the Exile. Young German Jews Remember the Forced Emigration Experience” i Johannes-Dieter Steinert & Inge Weber-Newth (eds), Beyond Camps and Forced Labour Current International Research on Survivors of Nazi Persecution, Secolo Verlag Osnabrück.

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