Research and current projects

One of my research area is focusing on citizens´views on priority setting in resource allocation in healthcare. In order to cope with the gap between existing resources and expectations on the healthcare system, strategies for managing priorities and rationing are needed. In my thesis I have explored what citizens´ perceive could increase acceptance to stand aside for other people´s healthcare needs, and who they see as appropriate to take such difficult decisions.

It is often said that priorities are far too difficult for citizens to have an opinion about. My research shows that citizens are fully capable of discussing important principles for priorities, for example, the principle that more resources should be allocated to those with the most severe ill health. How different actors in healthcare understand the concept of severity is another part of my research.

In parallel I am working with development of an assessment tool for priority setting on the individual patient-level, a tool that is derived from the parliamentary-decided ethical platform in Sweden.



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