Short Background

I started my PhD in June 2013, after getting my M.Sc degree in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering with a specialization in applied mathematics (Teknisk matematik), here in Linköping. I did my master thesis, entitled "Obstacle Detection Using an Ultrasonic Method", at Syncore technologies, where we developed a prototype for detecting people in commercial vehicles.

My Research

My current research involves different aspects of massive MIMO. In particular, I study how to page terminals (e.g. a cell phone) without channel state information at the base station. This is used as an initial step to set up a connection between the base station and the terminal. I'm also studying how to use massive MIMO technology to jam TDD links.


In the spring I teach the course TSKS10 (Signals, information, and communication) and during the fall I teach TSKS11 (Networks: models, algorithms, and applications.)






Marcus Karlsson, Emil Björnson, Erik G Larsson

Jamming a TDD Point-to-Point Link Using Reciprocity-Based MIMO

In IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security

Article in journal


Marcus Karlsson

Aspects of Massive MIMO

Licentiate thesis, comprehensive summary


Marcus Karlsson, Emil Björnson, Erik G. Larsson

Broadcasting in Massive MIMO Using OSTBC with Reduced Dimension

Conference paper