Early characterization of function, fibrosis and inflammation in the liver

The aim of my research is to develop methods for characterization of liver fibrosis, inflammation and function using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). I’m mainly working with two different technics: MR-elastography (MRE) and dynamic contrast enhanced MRI (DCE‑MRI) together with systems biology.

MRE is currently being used for characterization of liver fibrosis. The goal of my work is to show that by using 3D multi frequency MRE it is possible to characterize not only liver fibrosis, but also liver inflammation.

The second part of my research, concerning DCE‑MRI, is aimed at determining regional liver function. DCE‑MRI is performed with the liver specific contrast agent Gd‑EOB‑DTPA (Primovist®). From the resulting images, quantitative measures of contrast agent concentration can be derived. These concentrations are then used to estimate kinetic parameters, of the uptake of contrast agent, in a mechanistic mathematical model. Our hope is some of these kinetic parameters will be used as biomarkers for liver function.





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