Micro-foundations of pricing and selling customer value

I am a researcher at the Division of Industrial Economics (INDEK), Department of Management and Engineering (IEI). My research and teaching interests include marketing (e.g. value-based pricing and selling) and managerial decision-making.

Research on micro-foundations

Firms pricing and selling practices are influenced by individual level factors such as experiences, competences and preferences of managers and salespeople. These micro-foundations can enable or prevent companies from profitably pricing and selling goods and services.

My research concerns value-based pricing and selling of services within manufacturing industries with a specific focus on behavior and decision-making of individuals. Main research interests includes the following topics:

  • Pricing strategy development and choice
  • The role of individual differences in pricing and selling customer value
  • Cognitive aspects in customer value-based pricing practices

To study these topics, I use a range of different research methods to collect empirical data (e.g. surveys, experiments, and interviews).

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Academic Degrees

  • Econ. Dr., Industrial Marketing, Linköping University, 2018
  • Econ.Lic., Industrial Marketing, Linköping University, 2016
  • M.Sc., Business Administration, Linköping University, 2013


Publon’s 2018 Peer Review Awards given to the top 1% of reviewers in the field of Economics & Business.



  • 722A38 Classic Leadership and Organization Dilemmas
  • TEIM07 Industrial Market Research
  • TEIE17 Industrial Economics
  • Various courses in economics & marketing

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