Loneliness, solitude and the discourses concerning the conditions of writing

In my dissertation project I deal with the author’s role in contemporary Scandinavian society.

More precisely, I study how modern authors relate to the romantic myth of the lonely and troubled creative genius, and how this myth is expressed in discourses concerning the conditions of literary work. 

Knausgård part of the study

Some of the authorships that I discuss are: Märta and Henrik Tikkanen, Karl Ove Knausgård and Lena Andersson. The thesis mainly deals with the perceived conflict between romantic heteronormative love and an artistic calling: the idea that a true artist have to sacrifice something – preferably love (the greatest sacrifice of all?) for his or her art. This conflict is portrayed and examined from different viewpoints by the authors in my study. I plan to finish the project in 2018.

Previous research

Examples of topics I have studied include the cultural meaning of loneliness and solitude, the material and immaterial conditions of creative work, the author and the author’s cultural connotations, discourses of masculinity and femininity, folk tales and fairy tales and the relationship between fiction and "reality" in a multimedial society. 


  • MA in Comparative Literature 2012
  • MA in Language and Culture in Europe 2012
  • Bachelor in Cultural studies 2011
  • Courses in Philosophy

Research activity
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