I got the PhD in 2000, became docent in 2005 and has been Adjunct Professor in Automatic control since 2009. From 2007 I am employed by ABB in Sweden where I am currently Senior Principle Engineer and acting as Motion Control Architect within the robotics group.


My research is mainly focused on supervision of PhD students and Master Students. The research is done within the research area Industrial Manipulators in LINK-SIC and it covers modeling, identification, sensor fusion, and control. I have been supervisor and co-supervisor to a number PhD students, Johanna Axehill Wallén, Patrik Leissner (Axelsson), André Carvalho Bittencourt and Erik Hedberg. I am also involved in at least one master thesis project per year as supervisor or examiner.

The majority of my research contributions have been in the area of iterative learning control (ILC), starting from my dissertations in 2000 with the title Iterative Learning Control: Analysis, Design, and Experiments. Later I have also worked with path and trajectory generation for industrial robots, which also has led to the ABB motion function QuickMove 2nd generation. Diagnosis and predictive maintenance is also an area that I find very interesting. Current research, working together with PhD student Erik Hedberg, includes feedback control and sensor fusion using additional sensors, such as IMUs mounted on the manipulator.

Other activities

I am coordinator for the research area Industrial Manipulators within the competence center LINK-SIC. In this role I am also member of the executive team of LINK-SIC. In my role as adjunct professor I am acting as reviewer of journals, conferences and I also serve in boards for PhDs, in Sweden and abroad. A bit irregularly I give a PhD-course in robotics modelling and control at Linköping University.

I am a member of the Automatic Control team at Linköping University and I also act as a general link between the university and ABB/industry.

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