Research on Writing and Art-Based Methods, Sexualised Violence and Glocal Social Work

My research focuses on the uses and creative and transformative practices of narrative life writing genres in research and education, such as diaries and letters, memory work, poetry photography and art based methods.

I have developed writing strategies such as ‘the thinkingwriting subject’, post/academic writing’, ‘the untimely academic novella’ and ‘situated writing’. I am founder of the international interdisciplinary network Reflexive Academic Writing Methodologies (RAW) 2008-2017. Research themes include: media narratives on rape, gender, space and communication, and publicly staged conversations with researchers. My recent work focuses on glocalisation, social work and methodological re-shaping inspired by cultural geography, creative writing and the arts. Most recent publications: Social Work in a Glocalised World (with Bryant 2017), Situated Writing as Theory and Method. The Untimely Academic Novella. (Routledge 2019). 


I lead and coordinate the masters’ education in social work, and internationalisation at the social work programme. My knowledge base and profile as a teacher in social work is gender- and intersectionality, narrative and art-based methods. I teach mainly in the theory of science and qualitative methods, academic writing, global and transnational social work and sustainability issues.  



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