My principal task is to spread LiU’s engineering research to companies, organisations, the media and the general public in Sweden and the rest of the world. I have one of the most exciting jobs in the university. I have worked with science and engineering journalism for my entire adult life, and have been employed at LiU since the autumn of 2011. 

In different ways and with different methods I contribute to spreading knowledge about
crucial research breakthroughs and exciting, unexpected and beneficial research results within engineering, mathematics and science.

Press service

I am a member of the central Communications and Marketing Division and Press Service at LiU. Contact me by phone or e-mail if you want to get hold of a researcher in a hurry with knowledge in an engineering-related or economic field, or if you require further photographs for a press release we have published.

I have special responsibilities for communication within a large research programme, AFM (Advanced Functional Materials). Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to know more about AFM.

I also work with the LiU website, where I have responsibility for the popular scientific descriptions of the various research fields within engineering, mathematics and science.


If you recognise my name from somewhere else, you are probably involved in scouting. I work on a voluntary basis with, among other things, the training of scout leaders on local, regional and national levels. I am also active in the Hanekind scout troop. 


Scientific Presentation for the General Public, doctoral course, 3 ECTS, Faculty of Science and Engineering

I have my office in the Galaxen Building, Campus Valla.

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