Musbaudeen Bamgbopa’s endeavors as a post-doctoral researcher in the Laboratory of Organic Electronics primarily focusing on modelling of conductive polymer supercapacitors, with consideration of other organic polymer electrochemical devices.

Prior to joining Linköping University in 2018, Musbaudeen received his Doctorate degree in Interdisciplinary Engineering from Masdar Institute (now part of Khalifah University of Science and Technology), United Arab Emirates in 2017 - on the topic of non-aqueous and membraneless redox flow batteries. 

The research was focused on electrochemical and engineering approaches towards technological advancement of non-aqueous redox flow batteries. This collaborative research with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) afforded him a research visit to MIT in 2015 as a special student with the Electrochemical Energy Lab. His work has contributed to the state-of-art, wherein all aspects of the dissertation were published in reputable journals in addition to an invention disclosure.

Given Musbaudeen Bamgbopa’s B.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Eastern Mediterranean University in 2010, he has always been interested in energy systems research which led to completing a Sustainable Environment and Energy Systems from Middle East Technical University in 2012. His previous research endeavors include organic Rankine cycles, energy recovery, solar thermal energy and energy sustainability. He has authored publications in these research fields.

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