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Olga Bednarska, Olga Biskou, Hans Israelsen, Martin Tinnerfelt Winberg, Susanna Walter, Åsa Keita (2022) A postbiotic fermented oat gruel may have a beneficial effect on the colonic mucosal barrier in patients with irritable bowel syndrome Frontiers in Nutrition, Vol. 9, Article 1004084 Continue to DOI
Olga Biskou, Felipe Meira de Faria, Susanna Walter, Martin Tinnerfelt Winberg, Staffan Haapaniemi, Pär Myrelid, Johan D Söderholm, Åsa Keita (2022) Increased Numbers of Enteric Glial Cells in the Peyers Patches and Enhanced Intestinal Permeability by Glial Cell Mediators in Patients with Ileal Crohns Disease Cells, Vol. 11, Article 335 Continue to DOI
Maria Teresa Casado Bedmar, Felipe Meira de Faria, Olga Biskou, Carl Mårten Lindqvist, Purnika Damindi Ranasinghe, Olga Bednarska, Christer Peterson, Susanna Walter, Marie Carlson, Åsa Keita (2022) Elevated F-EDN correlates with mucosal eosinophil degranulation in patients with IBS - A possible association with microbiota? Journal of Leukocyte Biology, Vol. 111, p. 655-665 Continue to DOI