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Olga Zabalueva

Research Assistant


MA in Museology from Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow (2014) and MA in Applied Cultural Analysis from Lund University, Sweden (2018), I combine almost 10 years of practical museum work at depositories and collections departments with the strong connection to academia.

My research focuses on cultural heritage and the (re)construction of national identities; democracy, norm-criticism and active social position of contemporary museum as an institution; representations of the recent past and communicative memory practices in Russian and Swedish museum contexts.

My dissertation project concerns the Museum of Movements, a national museum for democracy and migration in the Southern Swedish city of Malmö.



Publications in Russian

From Nizhny Novgorod to Moscow in 1920s: the Study on Family archive of M. Vanslova (2016). In: Materials of the Ninth All-Russian Regional Studies conference of the Russian Ethnographic Union, Moscow, May 2015.

Ceramic tile stoves in Russian historical paintings: the problems of authenticity (2016). In: Materials of the 1st and the 2nd scientific conferences "Ceramic in Russian architecture: the technology and the art of the late Middle Ages", Moscow-New Jerusalem, 2014-2015.

The inventories of Russian palaces in the modern museum reconstructions (2015). In: Materials of the 27th international annual conference "Auxiliary historical sciences and Source studies: current research and development prospects", Moscow, April 2015.

A review on "Displays of Power. Controversy in the American Museum from the Enola Gay to Sensation" by Steven Dubin (2013). Museum magazine, February 2013.

Publications in Diva


Olga Zabalueva (2023) (De)constructing Imperial Heritage: Moscow Zaryadye in Times of Transition Imperial Cities in the Tsarist, the Habsburg, and the Ottoman Empires, p. 320-348 Continue to DOI
Olga Zabalueva (2023) "Not All Museums": Memory, politics, and museum activism on the move


Olga Zabalueva, Shikoh Shiraiwa (2022) Art of the Americas Revisited: What Does it Mean to Decolonise a Museum? Art Inquiry: Recherches sur les arts, Vol. 24, p. 173-195 Continue to DOI
Olga Zabalueva (2022) Museology is not neutral: Thinking museums politically Taboos in museology: Difficult issues for museum theory: Materials for a discussion, p. 136-141
Olga Zabalueva (2022) Multimedia Historical Parks and the Heritage-based "Regime of Truth" in Russia Culture Unbound. Journal of Current Cultural Research, Vol. 14, p. 83-106 Continue to DOI

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