Investigating the interaction of psychosocial and biological factors with physical and psychological symptoms in children.

I have worked in child psychiatry in Östergötland, Sweden most of his professional career. I received my PhD with a thesis on family therapy as an adjunct to traditional treatment for severe asthma in children. My research interest is the intersection between body and mind: how psychological factors affect physical health, and how does it affect the biology of mental well-being? Since the most important environment during childhood is the child's own family, interest in the child's interaction with his/her parents and siblings, i.e. family interaction, has been at the center of interest. Likewise, how family therapy can be a way to influence children's mental and physical symptoms.

In a longitudinal study we followed children at high risk of developing allergic disease and how the family was affected by the children's morbidity. Allergies and ADHD are examples of conditions that have both a biological background, but also are influenced by psychosocial factors, in which the symptoms, in turn, has repercussions on self-image and well-being. Conditions in which pharmacological treatment is often successful, but psychological factors play a role for the level of functioning and health.

I have conducted several studies using salivary cortisol used as a biological marker of stress along with various psychosocial measures of stress and also studied medicine in child psychiatry. I have also investigated the importance of omega-3 fatty acids for the development of cognitive and emotional functions, as well as in treatment of ADHD. Early detection Early intervention is a prospective, longitudinal study of mental health in young children in a preschool project. In another study cognitive support for time and everyday planning for children with ADHD is evaluateed. A study of the hormone oxytocin 's role in the treatment of sleep problems in children is being planned, as well as pain recognition in youth with self-harm. 

I am also one of those responsible for the teaching of consultation skills to medical students at the medical school Linköping University.

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