Theoretical foundations of analytical sociology

My research in IAS focuses on theoretical foundations of analytical sociology. Much of my work starts with the idea of mechanism-based explanation. A loose talk about mechanisms is currently fashionable in social sciences, but I aim to figure out what mechanism-based theorizing really implies for the social sciences. 

The hope is that this agenda will lead to novel, but convincing and constructive, perspectives on issues like the role of theory of action in sociological theory, the micro-macro linkage, middle-range theories, and methodological individualism.

Another arena for mechanism-based thinking is case study research, where my aim is to articulate what we learn from case studies.

Finally, the mechanism-based thinking useful approach to thinking about how the social sciences are related to biological and cognitive sciences  such as evolutionary biology, behavioral genetics, neurosciences, and cognitive science.


  • Professor (Science and Technology Studies), Department of Social Research/Sociology, University of Helsinki
  • Visiting Professor (Analytical Sociology), Institute for Analytical Sociology, Linköping University
  • Deputy Director, Finnish Center for Excellence in the Philosophy of Social Sciences, University of Helsinki

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