Durable MCrAlX coatings for demanding applications in gas turbines

Gas turbine components which are exposed to temperature fluctuations as well as oxidation and corrosion are costly to replace.

My research aims at developing new coatings for demanding applications in gas turbines in order to extend their lifetime and improve oxidation and corrosion resistance.

MCrAlX (M: Ni and/or Co; X: alloying elements in minor quantity) coatings are widely used for the protection of superalloy components operating in high temperature and corrosive environments of advanced engines such as aero engines and land based gas turbines. 

The formation of a continuous alumina (α-Al2O3) is essential for high temperature protection. It is also slowing down the formation and growth of other harmful oxides. The durability of the coating depends on its ability to form and maintain such a continuous protective scale.

With the help of both thermodynamic/kinetic simulation and experimental studies we will enhance resistance against thermal growth and spallation of the protective scale, increase strain tolerance to prevent coating cracking during thermal cycling and understanding of the correlation between the high temperature behavior of MCrAlX coatings and their chemical compositions.


  • Deformation and fracture, tutorial session, TMKM90
  • Mechanical Properties of Engineering Ceramics, lab session, TMKM40

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