I am a PhD Student in the field of Scientific Visualization. My main research focus is on developing new and improved methods to visualize time varying flow fields, e.g. cardiac flow, foremost with visual representations but lately also with haptic representations.

I received my master’s degree in media technology in 2013 and went from being a student at Linköping University to be employed as a research assistant. Since 2014 I am employed as a PhD Student in the group for Scientific Visualization at Media and Information Technology, LiU.

I am also an active developer and one of the project managers of the open source framework Inviwo: a modern framework for interactive visualization, used by researchers all over the world.

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Torsten Gustafsson, Wito Engelke, Rickard Englund, Ingrid Hotz (2017) Concepts of Hybrid Data Rendering Proceedings of SIGRAD 2017, August 17-18, 2017 Norrköping, Sweden , s. 32-39