Robin N. Abbey-Lee, Emily Uhrig, Josefina Zidar, A. Favati, J. Almberg, J. Dahlbom, S. Winberg, Hanne Løvlie

The Influence of Rearing on Behavior, Brain Monoamines, and Gene Expression in Three-Spined Sticklebacks

In Brain, behavior, and evolution

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Robin Abbey-Lee, Emily Uhrig, Laura Garnham, Kristoffer Lundgren, Sarah Child, Hanne Lovlie

Experimental manipulation of monoamine levels alters personality in crickets

In Scientific Reports

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Robin N. Abbey-Lee, Emily J. Uhrig, Josefina Zidar, Anna Favati, Johan Almberg, Josefin Dahlblom, Svante Winberg, Hanne Løvlie

The influence of rearing on behavior, brain monoamines and gene expression in three-spined sticklebacks

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Robin Abbey-Lee, Yimen G. Araya-Ajoy, Alexia Mouchet, Maria Moiron, Erica F. Stuber, Bart Kempenaers, Niels J. Dingemanse

Does perceived predation risk affect patterns of extra-pair paternity? A field experiment in a passerine bird

In Functional Ecology

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Irina Petkova, Robin Abbey-Lee, Hanne Lovlie

Parasite infection and host personality: Glugea-infected three-spined sticklebacks are more social

In Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology

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