Photo of Robert Hällqvist

Robert Hällqvist

Industrial PhD candidate at the division of fluid and mechatronic systems.


I am an industrial PhD candidate at the division of fluid and mechatronic systems. My background is within modeling and simulation (M&S) of aircraft vehicle systems with primary focus on different aircraft cooling systems. My research topic is on efficient and standardized model-simulator integration, including validation and methods for distributed simulation.  



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Robert Hällqvist (2023) On the Realization of Credible Simulations in Aircraft Development: Efficient and Independent Validation Enabled by Automation


Robert Hällqvist, Raghu Chaitanya Munjulury, Robert Braun, Magnus Eek, Petter Krus (2022) Realizing Interoperability between MBSE Domains in Aircraft System Development Electronics, Vol. 11, Article 2901 Continue to DOI


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