Fostering education; investigating gender equality

As deputy vice-chancellor I have a strategic duty to advance the quality, relevance and attractiveness of the education on offer at Linköping University.

My research focusses on parental and gender relationships in political processes relating to family and gender equality, at national and international levels, in historical and contemporary contexts. Masculinity and fatherhood are fields of particular interest.

I am currently supervising doctoral projects on men’s friendships and Swedish masculinity policies. I have also taught and supervised in a number of subjects and fields, at bachelor’s, master’s and PhD levels. In the teacher’s training programme I have taught and coordinated general courses in teaching and learning, as well as courses in the social sciences and humanities. I have also taught and supervised theses in fields including gender studies, child studies and history.

In my doctoral thesis I analysed the political reform whereby Swedish men became the first in the world to gain the right to paid paternity leave for the care of their small children. In articles I have presented how political parties and individual politicians have handled issues relating to paternity leave, the promotion of paternity leave, the debate on quotas for parental leave, etc. In 2006-2007 I was visiting researcher at the University of South Australia, where I took part in a research project that compared policies relating to family and gender equality in Sweden and Australia.

Duties and research

Consultancy and networks


Ensuring my work reaches the general public is important, and I regularly present my research to government agencies and interest groups.

I have frequently held consultancy roles in government commissions, working groups and development work, and am happy to respond to media enquiries.


My research concerns policies relating to families and gender equality. My focus has been on masculinity and fatherhood, and in particular paternity leave, both in Sweden and abroad.

Other research topics include how men – individually and in groups – relate to gender equality and paternity leave. For instance, a group of men who took long periods of paternity leave were interviewed about the reasons for doing so.

Duties and networks

I have a strategic duty to advance the quality, relevance and attractiveness of the education on offer at Linköping University. A strong focus is on the development of teaching and learning, within the framework of the initiative ‘The Pedagogical Leap’. As deputy vice-chancellor I stand in for the vice-chancellor when required. I am also chair of the library board, and of Didacticum (a centre for teaching and learning practices).

I am a member of the steering committee for the Swedish Network for Family and Kinship Studies, a network of some 100 researchers at Swedish universities.


Executive Assistant to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor


University Management