I am an educator and researcher in health professions education. My areas of interest are simulation-based learning including virtual patients, experimental learning and assessment of interprofessional competencies. I teach theories of learning and pedagogical processes in healthcare.

I teach courses on Master’s level in medical education and tutor problem bases learning-groups in interprofessional learning. My aim is to promote scholarship in health professions education in order to contribute to a knowledge base to secure future healthcare and science. I work towards this aim in several ways.

My research interests are simulation-based learning, experiemtial learning, assessment using questionnaires and clinical reasoning in health professions education.

About me

Ongoing research

  • Multi-centre project ”Learning in virtual health environments” PI: Madeleine Abrandt Dahlgren. I am heading a substudy focusing on how interprofessional learning and collaborative problem-solving can be supported with computerised virtual patients.
  • "Interprofessionellt lärande I bensårsutbildning: färdighetsträning, virtuella patientfall och reflekterande diskussion". I samarbete med Desiree Wiegleb Edström, Karolinska Institutet.
  • ”Virtuella patientfall för flexibel egenträning i professionsutbildning” Medverkande: Katarina Berg, Karin Björnström Karlsson


  • I was main supervisor for doctoral thesis exploring collaboration and knowledge development in wound management in practice and in education. (Anne Friman, Samverkan och lärande kring sårbehandling: erfarenheter från olika professionsperspektiv i primärvård och utbildning, Karolinska Institutet 2017.)
  • Co-supervising a doctoral thesis on online ECG education (Mikael Nilsson).

Other assignments

I am a regular reviewer (>50 reviews) in scientific journals such as: Medical Education, Advances in Health Sciences Education, BMC Medical Education, JMIR Medical Education, Nurse Education Today. 




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