Samuel Lienemann conducted his bachelor’s and master’s studies in materials at ETH Zürich in Switzerland. There he did his master’s thesis on ‘Soft high-density micro-electrode arrays with porous composite electrode coatings for neural stimulation’ at the Laboratory of Biosensors and Bioelectronics with Prof. Janos Vörös. 

As part of his Master’s in materials he also spent an ERASMUS Semester in Stockholm at KTH, which inspired him to do his PhD in Sweden. After working as a research fellow at Harvard University on soft elastomers, he joined Linköping Universitet on January 2018.
Here, he conducts his PhD studies in the Laboratory for Organic Electronics in the Group of Asst. Prof. Klas Tybrandt on soft electronics. 

His research focus is materials development for stretchable electronics and the fabrication of devices for neural recording and stimulation.

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