I am a midwife (RNRM) specialising in LGBTQ and support for LGBTQ parents. I work as an analyst within the newly started research project "Physical, mental and reproductive health of LGBTQ people during pregnancy, childbirth and in early parenthood".

My master thesis in midwifery was an interview study with LGBTQ parents about their experiences of reproductive healthcare, which was later published as a scientific article.

I have worked for three years in a parental support program within RFSL, the Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex Rights. Within the project, I have developed and held parental support groups online for prospective LGBTQ parents from all over Sweden. I have developed information material/tip sheets on LGBTQ issues for midwives, and inclusive information/support material online for LGBTQ prospective and new parents, including breast/chest feeding and how to support induced lactation and co-nursing.

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Klittmark, S., Garzón, M., Andersson, E., & Wells, M. B. (2019). LGBTQ competence wanted: LGBTQ parents' experiences of reproductive health care in Sweden. Scandinavian journal of caring sciences, 33(2), 417–426

Anna Malmquist, Sofia Klittmark (2022). Chapter: Heteronormative Obstacles in Regular Antenatal Education, and the Benefits of LGBTQ-Certified Options Experiences among Prospective LGBTQ Parents in Sweden, Contemporary Issues in Perinatal Education, 1st Edition, Imprint Routledge, eBook ISBN9781003223771

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