Therése Bielsten

Assistant Lecturer

People with dementia are often defined on the basis of losses and what they can not do. My research focuses on how couples living with dementia can be supported to sustain or enhance positive resources in their relationship and in everyday life.

My Thesis

Couples living with dementia often face challenges in their relationship and in everyday life. Available support for families is often based on the individual and tends to overlook relationship factors, and the couple's interactions with each other, others, and the local environment. 

Research indicate that sustained or strengthened relationship quality is central for couples well-being and has a great impact on quality of life and how they cope with their situation.

My thesis is based on the view of the couple as a unit, which influence and is influenced by interpersonal interaction, environment and social contexts. Increased knowledge about what it is like to live with dementia in an everyday context is an important part in the development of an inclusive and dementia friendly society.

DemPower – Living life and doing things together

The overall aim of my thesis is to develop the self-help guide 'DemPower ", together with, and for couples living with dementia. The self-help guide can be described as "couple-management", aimed at supporting couples in which one partner has a diagnosis of dementia. Five couples with dementia and several other experts in the dementia field are involved in the development of support content. “DemPower” intends to support couples to identify, make use of, and sustain positive resources in their relationship and everyday life. DemPower - Living life and doing things together is part of an ongoing five-year research program called Neighbourhoods and dementia.


I teach at the Nursing Programme in semester 5 and supervise students in degree projects at first level.

Research theme
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Higher education degrees
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  • Registered Nurse, Bachelor of Nursing 2010
  • Specialist Nursing Degree in Geriatric Care, Master of Nursing 2014
  • Admitted to third-cycle programme 2015

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