Disorders of memory

With a background in experimental neuropsychology, my main research is related to disorders of human memory, including Alzheimer’s disease, related neurodegenerative disorders, and epilepsy.

I am currently studying the impact of age-associated hearing loss on memory decline. To this aim, my coworkers and I try to combine different methods: intervention, longitudinal data, and neuroimaging. Currently, we are trying to understand why hearing loss—a very common problem in aging persons—seemingly antedates cognitive decline.

Brain protection

Additional research areas involve psychopharmacology and brain protection. In recent years, psychopharmacological work has centered on how nutrition, and particularly omega-3 fatty acids, affects cognitive growth in children. Studies on brain protection have evolved from studying the impact of heart surgery on the brain to an impending study on how brain stimulation and neuropsychological methods can be used to optimize brain surgery in epilepsy and tumor surgery.


I have done a lot of teaching over the years, from introductory B.A. classes to Ph.D. courses. I lecture in neuropsychology, cognitive neuroscience, cognitive psychology, history of psychology, and philosophical psychology.

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Research projects / groups / networks


  • Psychology, Linköping University.
  • Cognitive sciences, Linköping University.
  • Human resource management and development, Linköping University.

Education / background

  • PhD, Neuropsychology, 1996.