Timmy Fyrner

Principal Research Engineer



Ana-Maria Villamil Giraldo, Ida Eriksson, Stefan Wennmalm, Timmy Fyrner, Thomas Ederth, Karin Öllinger (2020) Interactions of the Lysosomotropic Detergent O-Methyl-Serine Dodecylamide Hydrochloride (MSDH) with Lipid Bilayer Membranes-Implications for Cell Toxicity International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Vol. 21, Article 3136 Continue to DOI


Rajesh Mishra, Mathias Elgland, Afshan Begum, Timmy Fyrner, Peter Konradsson, Sofie Nyström, Per Hammarström (2019) Impact of N-glycosylation site variants during human PrP aggregation and fibril nucleation Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Proteins and Proteomics, Vol. 1867, p. 909-921 Continue to DOI


Mathias Elgland, P. Nordeman, Timmy Fyrner, G. Antoni, Peter Nilsson, Peter Konradsson (2017) beta-Configured clickable [F-18] FDGs as novel F-18-fluoroglycosylation tools for PET New Journal of Chemistry, Vol. 41, p. 10231-10236 Continue to DOI


Ana Maria Villamil Giraldo, Timmy Fyrner, Stefan Wennmalm, Atul N. Parikh, Karin Öllinger, Thomas Ederth (2016) Spontaneous Vesiculation and pH-Induced Disassembly of a Lysosomotropic Detergent: Impacts on Lysosomotropism and Lysosomal Delivery LANGMUIR, Vol. 32, p. 13566-13575 Continue to DOI


Roni Nugraha, John A. Finlay, Sophie Hill, Timmy Fyrner, Wetra Yandi, Maureen E. Callow, James A. Callow, Thomas Ederth (2015) Antifouling properties of oligo(lactose)-based self-assembled monolayers Biofouling (Print), Vol. 31, p. 123-134 Continue to DOI