Cogeneration of heat and power

My field of research is the cogeneration of heat and power and about the possibility to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by improved heat engine efficiency and better process control.

Electricity and heat production in cogeneration plants can be designed in a variety of ways depending on, fuel, turbine efficiency, plant control and the heat load in the district heating network. My research focuses on how to optimize the operation of the system power plant-district heating to contribute to the global reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.


Together with my supervisor Louise Trygg I am working in a project called “Large scale process control of district heating systems” which is financed by the industry association “Fjärrsyn”.
I participate in the project “Sustainable region” together with Stefan Blomqvist, Lina la Fleur and Louise Trygg.

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  • Master of Science in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering, 2003
  • Employee at Alstom Power since 2010
  • PhD studies since August, 2015

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