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Thuy Tran

My current research focuses on biosensing applications based on the unique plasmonic properties of gold nanoparticles



Thuy Tran, Erik Martinsson, Sergio Vargas, Ingemar Lundström, Carl-Fredrik Mandenius, Daniel Aili (2022) Nanoplasmonic Avidity-Based Detection and Quantification of IgG Aggregates Analytical Chemistry, Vol. 94, p. 15754-15762 Continue to DOI
Thuy Tran, Erik Martinsson, Robert Gustavsson, Otto Tronarp, Mats Nilsson, Kristoffer Rudenholm Hansson, Ingemar Lundström, Carl-Fredrik Mandenius, Daniel Aili (2022) Process integrated biosensors for real-time monitoring of antibodies for automated affinity purification Analytical Methods, Vol. 14, p. 4555-4562 Continue to DOI


Thuy Tran, Olof Eskilsson, Florian Mayer, Robert Gustavsson, Robert Selegård, Ingemar Lundström, Carl-Fredrik Mandenius, Erik Martinsson, Daniel Aili (2020) Real-Time Nanoplasmonic Sensor for IgG Monitoring in Bioproduction Processes, Vol. 8, Article 1302 Continue to DOI