Fostering an ageing friendly society

My research mainly focuses on the intersection of social policy and communications, and how government institutions and other public organizations use media to promote active ageing.

I am an early stage researcher and doctoral fellow at the Department of culture and society, within the ITN EuroAgeism funded by Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) Horizon 2020.

As media and communication have become omnipresent, I am much interested in what effects of public/health communication on individual perceptions and behaviors, and hold a strong desire to spread the perspective of communication in ageing and health research, as well as to arouse public attention to the linkage between communication and diverse ageing-related research themes.

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Ongoing Research Projects

Local communication policies in creating, maintaining and changing public images of ageing in the context of national anti-discrimination policies and individual performance

Considering the communication capacities of governments in shaping public image of ageing, the objective of this research project is to understand the role of Swedish municipality in maintaining, reinforcing and challenging the stereotypes of ageing from media and communication perspective.

This research project will be implemented in the three following subprojects with different focuses. First and foremost, it will examine how ageing stereotypes are expressed in municipal communications with the methods of content and text analysis.

Then, this research will evaluate the communication effects of municipal information on the individual perceptions towards ageing stereotypes, taking in-depth interviews with audience.

Further, this project will investigate the role of individual psychological factors during the public information generating process and other producer activities, adopting in-depth interviews with communication practitioners, as well as the interference of cultural factor in communication activities with a comparative study. 

Regarding the extensive capacities of setting up local projects at municipal level, the cases of Swedish municipality will be used for the specific descriptions and further analysis, resulting in communication policy suggestions. Beyond that, an international comparative study from Japan will contribute to understanding the embeddedness of municipal initiatives within national context, taking the contextual determinants into considerations, particularly in the cultural dimension.

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