Ylva Bjereld

Many children and youth that have been bullied do not tell anyone about it. Instead, they have to manage the bullying and the feelings that follow the victimization on their own. Although telling someone can be effective in ending bullying, adults do not necessarily respond to the disclosure in a way that is helpful. My research is focused on bullying victimization, with a special interest in bullying disclosure and how adults respond to bullying in a way that is perceived as helpful by the children and youth that have been bullied.


Ylva Bjereld is a Postdoctoral researcher in Education at the Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning, Linköping university. She earned her Ph.D. in Social Work at Gothenburg University in 2017. Her research concerns bullying victimization among children and youth.

Research Interests

In what way victimization is related to social relations, body image, identity and mental health
Prevalence of bullying and associated factors
Protective factors to bullying victimization
Bullying disclosure
Adults’ responses to bullying
Bullying in the Nordic countries