Skilled Migration, Right to Mobility and Competing Interests

'Brain drain' of medical expertise, its challenges and the questions as such continue to be a matter of concern for the scholars of medical ethics, migration studies, and global justice. This is because, 'brain drain' does not simply refer to a movement or an economic gain/loss, but it also implicates in concerns for global imbalance of medical labor; access to basic health care and development goals in resource-poor regions like sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).

In my PhD Project,"Skilled Migration, Right to Mobility and Competing Interests: An Ethical Analysis", ethical implications of the 'brain drain' phenomenon will be analyzed with an emphasis on the analysis of what the right to mobility entails. The primary objective of the thesis is to identify the interests at stake and the ethical significance of the phenomena as such; and the ethical implications on the rights and the duties of all the relevant actors. Therefore, this projects also aims at identifying the conditions under which the restriction on the right to mobility may be considered morally permissible.

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Background, Activities and Teaching
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2013 - …    PhD candidate at Centre for Applied Ethics, Linköping University

2010-2012 Master of Arts in Political Science, Central European University, Budapest

2006-2010 Bachelor of Arts in Social and Political Sciences, Sabanci University, Istanbul


Research group 

  • Ethics and Migration Research Group, Centre for Applied Ethics, Linköping University


  • NOS-HS Exploratory Workshop Collaboration: Globalisation, Cosmopolitanism and Migration, 2016-2017, Linköping University, University of Tromso and University of Copenhagen
  • Stiftelsen Lars Hiertas Minne, for OZSW Workshop Participation, 2014


Instructor for BA/MA Courses: Social and Political Ethics, Ethics and Migration, Philosophy and Film at Centre for Applied Ethics, LiU


Social media



PhD Supervisors
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