Plagiarism check of scholarly texts

Similarity Check is a service that looks for similarities between a submitted document and external sources. It is especially suited for checking scholarly texts in English for plagiarism before you publish.

At LiU, Similarity Check is primarily used for checking dissertations and articles ahead of publication. Similarity Check will search:

  • Over 200 million scholarly articles, books, book chapters, and more
  • Over 90 billion web pages
  • Crossref’s database of scholarly articles

The following are not covered by Similarity Check:

  • Images embedded in documents
  • Advanced mathematical formulas and symbols created in LaTeX, Word etc.
  • Computer programs
  • Research data that is used as a basis for the publication
  • Synonyms
  • Texts translated into another language

As a doctoral student, you are recommended to check your licentiate and doctoral dissertation either in connection with an intermediate seminar, prior to the defence or before the dissertation goes to print. Manuscripts for articles and book chapters can be checked at the request of the author. The check is carried out by the Library.

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What is an acceptable match percentage?

Why does my document have such a high percentage of matches even though I haven’t plagiarized?

May I reuse my own texts?

Frequently asked questions about Similarity Check

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Similarity Check

Crossref's video about Similarity Check. Subtitled in English.

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If you have questions regarding Similarity Check or plagiarism-related issues in general, you are welcome to email us at

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