21 May 2019

The 2019 Academic Ceremony at Linköping University will take place on Saturday 25 May. Eighteen new professors, 77 doctors and seven honorary doctors will be honoured at the ceremony, to be followed by a banquet in Louis de Geer Konsert & Kongress in Norrköping.

A woman wearing a tall black hat is putting a tall black hat on a mans head in a ceremony.
Peter Holgersson AB

The Academic Ceremony is an opportunity to celebrate scientific achievements across broad fields of knowledge. During the past year, several doctoral theses have been presented that in different ways take on the societal challenges of today. Of the new doctors, 29 have presented their doctoral thesis within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, 27 within the Faculty of Science and Engineering, 19 within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and two within the Faculty of Educational Sciences. Approximately half of the new doctors are women and half men.

The research conducted by the new professors concerns allergies, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, gender studies, semiconductor materials, industrial marketing, disaster medicine, surgery, eco-friendly transport, clinical physiology, medical microbiology, furniture design, neurobiology, nutrition physiology, obstetrics and gynaecology, care sciences, inorganic chemistry, and language and culture.

Six scientists from Swedish and international institutions of higher education will be promoted to honorary doctorates – Linda Keeling, Nashwa Eassa, Nick Hopwood, Peter Larsson, Alan Prout and Karsten Åström – together with company leader Peter Wallenberg Jr.

The LiU University Service Medal will be awarded at the ceremony to Anders Berg, project manager at Akademiska Hus, for his important work during the construction of the Student Building on Campus Valla.

The ceremony will be followed by dinner and entertainment for approximately 550 people.

Several of the new honorary doctors will hold lectures on Friday morning. Times and places for these are listed at liu.se/liufirar.

A university gala concert is part of the celebrations. The concert this year will be given on Friday 24 May, 7.00-8.30 pm in Louis de Geer Konsert & Kongress. The concert offers gems from the classic opera repertoire performed by soloists Karolina Blixt and Hans Klareskog together with the Linköping University Chamber Choir, Linköping University Male Voice Choir, and the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra.


Translated by George Farrants

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