Academic Ceremony cancelled

No Academic Ceremony will be held in 2020. Given the current situation and the recommendations relating to large gatherings in the light of the corona pandemic, Linköping University has decided to cancel the event this year.

Peter Holgersson AB

The promotion of doctors and the installation of professors, which takes place once a year, is the principal academic ceremony at the university. It starts with a university gala concert and concludes with a banquet with nearly 700 participants. This year it was scheduled for 15-16 May.
The decision was taken in March to postpone the celebration to the autumn. However, since the official recommendation that the number of participants at public gatherings must not exceed 50 is still in place, it will not be possible to hold the event.
“This is terribly disappointing, but we must bow to circumstances”, says Master of Ceremonies Camilla Smedberg. “Given the number of participants at the Academic Ceremony, it is not possible to hold it under the current restrictions.”

The Academic Ceremony is a large event with many participants, and it requires a long period of planning.
“We are facing the future with confidence and are planning to hold a celebration. We will provide more details about when and how as soon as we can”, says Camilla Smedberg.  


Translated by George Farrants

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