DigiCONFLICT workshop on oral history and digital heritage

The research consortium DigiCONFLICT and the Nordic Museum cordially invite you to attend an international workshop on oral history and digital heritage. 

Join the members of the research consortium, representatives from the Nordic Museum, and invited researchers and oral historians from Sweden, Norway and Finland to explore, exchange, and generate new ideas and ways of thinking about the impact of digital heritage on contemporary engagements with the past. Workshop participants will consider what is gained and lost when cultural heritage becomes digital, and who benefits from this process most. The event will be hosted by DigiCONFLICT’s Swedish research team, whose work specifically examines the employment of oral history in digital heritage practices. While subsequently the workshop will mainly revolve around this theme, due consideration will also be given to complementary

The workshop is financed by funding from Joint Programming Initiatives (JPI) Cultural Heritage and The Swedish National Heritage Board.


Digital Heritage and Oral History Workshop Program (PDF)

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