Research in the spotlight: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Swedish research in artificial intelligence at Linköping University was the brainchild of pioneer Erik Sandevall. AI will change our lives and our behaviour. This is why our researchers continue to take on contemporary challenges by putting people firmly in the centre of the development of AI.

The robot Pepper in a Swedish television programme AI robot Pepper took over the job of hosting an item in SVT’s flagship satire program Svenska nyheter, helped by LiU students Fredrik Löfgren, Axel Wickman, Martin Dahl and Simon Wijk Stranius. Photo published with permission from SVT.

Example of challenging AI research 

A robot politely gets out of the way

We are far from being able to share our public spaces with flying drones in complete safety. Professor Patrick Doherty and his doctoral student Olov Andersson conduct advanced AI research into the topic, and in this film they show how to ensure that a drone avoids an unpredictable human. The research is part of the Wallenberg AI Autonomous Systems and Software Program, WASP.

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