Research talks and Povel Ramel to open the Academic Ceremony

This spring’s Academic Ceremony at Linköping University will begin with seven honorary doctors holding talks about their research. On Friday 20 May, a gala concert will be held to the music of Povel Ramel and Hugo Alfvén, and on Saturday 21 May, new professors and doctors will be honoured at a ceremony followed by a banquet at Louis de Geer Konsert & Kongress in Norrköping.

Orchestra and choir on stage Academic celebration concert in Louis de Geer Konsert & Kongress in Norrköping, May 2019. Peter Holgersson AB

Seven scientists from international institutions of higher education will be promoted to honorary doctorates: Derek McKay, Bryan Byrne, Karen O’Brien, Richard Olson, George Malliaras, Cynthia H. McCollough and Jeannette M. Wing. During Thursday 19 May and Friday 20 May, they will each hold a lecture in their subject. Everybody is welcome to come and listen.

Gala concert with jubilee theme

Singing men i tailcoatsThe Linköping University Male Voice Choir. Photo credit Peter Holgersson ABAnniversary is the theme on Friday evening, when the Linköping University Male Voice Choir meets Norrköping Symphony Orchestra. This is the year’s first academic celebration concert, and will be directed by Director Musices Christina Hörnell. The Linköping University Male Voice Choir celebrates its 50-year anniversary, and the concert offers music by the composer and author of revues Povel Ramel, who would have turned 100 this year, and the composer Hugo Alfvén. The concert will take place at Louis de Geer Konsert & Kongress in Norrköping, and entry is free.

New doctors and professors

On Saturday 21 May, it is time for the conferment of doctors and inauguration of professors, also in Norrköping. The occasion is open to the public, and will start with the inauguration of 20 new professors. Of the 99 new doctors, 43 have presented their doctoral thesis within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, 41 within the Faculty of Science and Engineering, nine within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and six within the Faculty of Educational Sciences. The Onkel Adam prize for outstanding research in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences is awarded to Professor Fredrik Elinder. The ceremony will be followed by dinner and entertainment.

The Academic Ceremony usually takes place once a year. But because it was hard to hold the ceremony during the COVID-19 pandemic, two Academic Ceremonies are being held during 2022 – one in the spring and one in the autumn.

Translation: Benjamin Davies

Join LiU’s celebration

Honorary doctor's lecture - Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Derek McKay, professor, director at Snyder Institute for Chronic Diseases, Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary, Canada - Precision Medicine for Chronic Inflammatory Disease: a Tale of Parasitic Worms and Reparatory Macrophages. The lecture is open to the public and free to attend.

Start 19 May 2022, 4.00 pm
End 19 May 2022, 5.15 pm
Location Hugo Theorell lecture hall, Linköping University Hospital, North entrance
Contacts Nico Rönnberg

Honorary doctors' lectures - Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Karen O'Brien, Professor in Human Geography, Oslo University, Norway - Climate Change and Sustainability: Three Spheres of Transformation. Brian Byrne, Professor Emeritus in Psychology, University of New England, Australia - Understanding Nature, Nurture and Human Behaviour: Why International Collaboration Matters. Richard Olson, Professor Emeritus in Psychology, University of Colorado, USA - Dyslexia and Related Learning Difficulties. The lectures are open to the public and free to attend.

Start 20 May 2022, 9.00 am
End 20 May 2022, 11.30 am
Location Zero, Zenit Building, Campus Valla
Contacts Pia Brink

Honorary doctors' lectures - Faculty of Science and Engineering

Cynthia H. McCollough, Brooks-Hollern Professor, Director of CT Clinical Innovation Center, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota - Photon Counting Computed Tomography (CT): What We've Been Waiting 50 Years For. George Malliaras, Prince Philip Professor of Technology, University of Cambridge - Technology for Bioelectronic Medicine. Jeanette M. Wing, Professor, Executive Vice President for Research, Columbia University - Data for Good: Ensuring the Responsible Use of Data to Benefit Society

Start 20 May 2022, 10.00 am
End 20 May 2022, 12.30 pm
Location Ada Lovelace, B Building, Campus Valla
Contacts Margareta Johansson

University Gala Concert - Celebration

Celebration is the theme when Linköping's Male Voice Choir meet the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra under the direction of director musices Christina Hörnell in this year's first University Gala Concert. In addition to the 50th anniversary choir we celebrate 100 years since Povel Ramel was born. And as if that were not enough, we also celebrate composer Hugo Alfvéns 150 year anniversary.

Start 20 May 2022, 7.00 pm
End 20 May 2022, 9.00 pm
Location De Geer, Norrköping (No entrance fee)

Academic Ceremony

Welcome to the first of this year's two academic ceremonies! The ceremony starts with the inauguration of professors, and the Onkel Adam's prize, and continues with the promotion of doctors in the following order: Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences - Faculties of Arts and Sciences and Educational Sciences - Faculty of Science and Engineering. Everyone is welcome and the doors of the De Geer concert hall open at 3.30 pm (free placing), all seats must be taken by 4 pm.

Start 21 May 2022, 4.00 pm
End 21 May 2022, 6.30 pm
Location De Geerhallen, Louis De Geer Konsert & Kongress
Contacts Camilla Smedberg

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