LiU’s new university director appointed

Determined, efficient and organised, with a clear focus on goals and results. A firm believer in leadership based on dialogue – so describes LiU’s newly appointed university director Peter Yngve himself. A fierce commitment to collaboration and communication, with a desire to promote participation, confidence and the ability to see the full picture.

Peter Yngve. Per Carlsson

"Great opportunity"

Peter Yngve is currently planning director and head of the general director’s office at the Swedish National Courts Administration. He is also deputy to the general director and has experience of several other positions in the administration, including head of development, CFO, and head of the IT department. After a master’s degree in business and economics specialising in management control, he continued to a further master’s degree in leadership and development in the health and medical care industry.

Peter Yngve is looking forward to working with the co-workers at Linköping University to do everything he can to ensure that the university remains a world leader , where “innovation is our only tradition.”

“I see a great opportunity to participate in the university’s strategic development, together with managers and co-workers throughout the university, and in consultation with other stakeholders in the academic world, the public sector, and the business world,” he says.

Long experience

Peter Yngve has 25 years’ experience of management that includes a period as head of IT at group level within Södra Skogsägarna. He has also worked as IT manager in the Jönköping County Council, where he held other management roles such as deputy health director, and budget and audit director. Other experience includes leading roles in consultancy within operational development and project management.

Vice-Chancellor Jan-Ingvar Jönsson has led the recruitment process for LiU’s university director. The work has been rigorous, selecting among several highly qualified applicants.

“Peter Yngve will bring to the post of university director his long experience of leadership and management from several environments and complex organisations at the highest administrative level,” says Vice-Chancellor Jan-Ingvar Jönsson.

“His custom of leading via managers and interleaving strategic and operative initiatives, and his way of working with goal-directed and operational control mean that he will contribute a great deal to the work we are facing in bringing LiU’s Vision 2030 to reality.”

"Deep commitment"

The university director is a member of the university management, which constitutes the overall strategic and operative management of the university. The post includes leading University Services, whose 690 co-workers carry out the university administration. According to Peter Yngve, important parts of his work will be to listen, support, and create favourable conditions for commitment, motivation and job satisfaction. He believes that it is important to show trust, security and credibility in action, and he approaches the task with joy and humility.

“I am coming to Linköping University with deep commitment and intense motivation, together with humble curiosity, to lead, coordinate and develop the university services,” says Peter Yngve. “As I see it, if you can get people to grow and develop, you will bring development to the whole organisation, confident in the idea that everyone wants to do a good job. And it’s my job to create the best possible conditions for everyone to perform as well as possible, at the same time as this requires a joint, shared and understood vision, strategy and goals.”

The newly appointed university director already has a certain involvement with LiU. One son is employed here as research engineer, while a daughter studied the HR programme. The involvement will be strengthened by new ties after 1 December, when he takes up the post held by Kent Waltersson for the past 10 years.

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