Four new years for the ECIU University initiative

ECIU University, an initiative involving 13 higher education institutions including Linköping University, has received new funds from the EU, and has been extended to 2026.

A park bench in water. Climatechanges will be in focus in the next phase of ECIU University.

Linköping University has been a part of the university network ECIU (a shortening of the European Consortium of Innovative Universities) for over 20 years. In 2019, the European Commission allowed the ECIU to start ECIU University.

This initiative constituted one of the first virtual universities in Europe, and the pilot project was granted funds for over three years. It has now been confirmed that ECIU University will receive new money – almost SEK 150 million – from the EU programme Erasmus+, until 2026.

The programmes at ECIU University, which includes students and researchers from 13 different European universities, are to be interdisciplinary and challenge driven, and are to contribute to solving problems formulated by companies, regions, municipalities and other organisations.

During the first pilot years, the focus was on offering courses in the area of sustainable cities and societies – one of the Un’s sustainability goals. In the next phase, the university’s will be challenged with focussing on broader global subjects, such as climate change.

“ECIU University’s main purpose is to help people. We must continue to build a sense of community and engage more students, academic staff and other interested parties. We also need a sustainable IT infrastructure. With this budget that has been granted by the EU, the ECIU is going to have an even greater opportunity to realise its common ambitions”, comments Sander Lotze, project leader for ECIU University.

ECIU and ECIU University

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