Good marks for teacher training programme

The Swedish Higher Education Authority, UKÄ, has completed a pilot assessment of teacher training programmes for pre- and primary school levels. The LiU programme that was assessed received the grade “High quality”.

Tornhagsskolan i Linköping

LiU’s ‘Primary School Teacher Programme – Pre-school Class and Years 1-3’ was judged to be ambitious and coherent, with students being well prepared for their working life and for leading the advancement of learning. Further, the course mentors make for a good connection between theory, practice and the surrounding society.

The assessment is impressed by the way that the programme works actively to integrate student feedback into quality assurance, and in the further development of the programme. Efforts to foster gender equality also receive praise, in particular the university’s work with gender lecturers and the initiative where Facebook is used to recruit and retain men in the programme.

Critical comments include the risk of poor cohesion as a result of the division between two campuses, and that many staff members have a small proportion of teaching in their positions.

In 2016-2017 the authority assessed eight teacher training programmes at Swedish universities: two preschool and six primary school. The aim was to test the assessment method, in order to determine if it required adjustment or changes before the assessments begin on a large scale.

The authority assessed a random selection of student work that had received a passing grade; statistics for student completion of programmes; interviews with teachers, students and representatives of the programme being assessed; as well as self-assessment – the university’s own presentation of how the programme meets the assessment criteria.