Increased government funding to LiU

More money to research and more student places. Linköping University is to receive SEK 98 million more in 2018 than in 2017 in the government’s budget bill, approximately half of it being compensation for higher prices and wages. 

The government’s budget bill includes a general investment in more student places, together with funds earmarked for certain areas. As part of the general investment, Linköping University is to receive SEK 10.5 million, which corresponds to an additional 130 student places. In addition, LiU has been awarded SEK 3.8 million to increase student numbers on the medical programme by eight, engineering programmes by 16, and programmes in the town planning sector by 15.

Strategic research with IT and mobile communication

As a consequence of previous decisions, Linköping University will receive a further SEK 23.5 million for expansion in such fields as medicine, engineering, teaching and preschool teaching. Similarly, a focussed initiative to increase the quality of education in teaching and in the humanities and social sciences will continue.

Government funding for research and research education at Linköping University will increase by SEK 16.9 million in 2018. The preliminary figure for an increase in 2019 is SEK 13.8 million, with a further SEK 22.1 million in 2020.

After 2020, increased funding of SEK 72 million for a strategic research area within IT and mobile communication, led by Linköping University, is proposed.

Furthermore, LiU will receive an increase in its education and research grant of SEK 53 million in 2018 to compensate for higher prices and wages.

Increase in the student grant

The government suggests further targeted initiatives in research to meet various challenges that society is facing. One aspect of this will be increased resources for the research councils. The initiatives considered are in the fields of, for example, health, digitalisation, migration and integration, and gender equality and equal opportunities. Another major investment will be in graduate schools for better schools, for increased collaboration, and a more solid scientific foundation of teaching theory within programmes for teachers and preschool teachers.

Students also enjoy an increase in the student grant of approximately SEK 300 per month.

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