Threat against Linköping university

A threat against Linköping University has been expressed in a chat room. The threat warns people against being on the university campus on Thursday.

“The police have received a report of a threat expressed in a chat room, published at 4:20 Wednesday afternoon”, says Annevi Fredäng, security manager at Linköpings University.

The threat is essentially identical to a threat made against Örebro University in January 2016. The university management have been informed of the situation and are following the work of the police.

Annevi Fredäg has the following information for students and staff who are wondering about the university’s opening hours on Thursday: “The university is monitoring the situation and waiting for an assessment from the police. We will make a further statement in the course of Wednesday evening about how you should act.”

The latest news will be available on the university’s facebook page.



We have received many questions from students and co-workers after the threat against Linköping University on Wednesday. The answers to some of these are given below.


Question: How can students who have chosen to remain at home on Thursday catch up on the teaching they miss?
Answer: Students must discuss questions of this type with the programme coordinator or course coordinator to find a solution. 

Question: Where are the university’s security personnel and the police?
Answer: The security personnel and/or the police are present on Campus Valla, Campus Norrköping and the University Hospital Campus during Thursday.

Question: Is there anything to fear?
Answer: No, there is no need to feel frightened. The police have concluded that there is no need to close the university. As a university, however, we respect that anxiety may be aroused by this type of situation and we have therefore chosen to have security personnel and police on our campuses. 

Question: Should co-workers who decide to remain at home on Thursday take this as a day of holiday? What are the rules about this?
Answer: We have made the decision to maintain university operations as usual. If there are individual reasons to remain at home on Thursday, the co-worker is to discuss with his or her immediate superior about how to treat the situation.

Question: Should teachers lock the door when lecturing?
Answer: Operations are to continue as usual, and the police have concluded that there is no reason to close the university. It is, then, a matter for each individual teacher to decide whether such an action would reduce any anxiety that students are experiencing. 

Question: Why has the university stated that it is open as usual when some divisions are completely closed?
Answer: Certain operational units may have chosen to remain closed for various reasons. We emphasise once again, however, that the overall assessment is that all operations can continue as usual. 

Question: How often is this type of threat made against Linköping University?
Answer: It happens, but it’s not very common. We experienced a similar threat a few years ago, and decided also on that occasion to continue operation as usual.

Question: Does the university have a crisis management plan?
Answer: The university has a central crisis management group that is activated to manage events that affect the complete university. Each operational unit also has a local crisis management plan. 


Translation: George Farrants

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