Christmas spirit comes also in 2020

The musical experience at Linköping University will be very different this year. No Lucia procession, no Christmas concerts. However, appropriately enough, Julstämning is being released, a Christmas CD from the three choirs based at Music at Liu.

LiU-record Julstämning

These are the Linköping University Male Voice, the Linköping University Women’s Choir – Linnea, and the Linköping University Chamber Choir. They have this year recorded the disc under the leadership of conductors Christina Hörnell and Merete Ellegaard.

“Things have been special this year as a consequence of the pandemic, but we have managed to make the recordings without risking the spread of corona infection. And it is, of course, particularly delightful that we can issue the disc this year, when all Christmas concerts have been cancelled”, says Christina Hörnell, director musices for Music at LiU.

Audible greeting from 2020

She took the initiative to the disk, and hopes to repeat the endeavour.
“It’s not only fun for the choirs to record music for a disc: it also helps us to improve. They see a clear objective, and the different way of working requires high quality in their musical skills. In addition, a disc is a documentary record of how an ensemble sounded at a certain point in time. I hope, for example, that we can issue a disc in 2022, when the Linköping University Male Voice Choir celebrates its 50th anniversary. We’re digging our way through the archives and listening to old recordings: the choir didn’t sound the same back then as it does today, and each epoch has its charm and its characteristic expression. So the disc now released by the choirs, Julstämning, will be an audible greeting from 2020.

Feel challenged in their listening

Julstämning contains mixed Christmas music, with both well-known and newly written pieces.
“The idea is that the people who listen should not only recognise the familiar, but also feel challenged in their listening and curious to proceed further”, says Christina Hörnell.

Do you have a favourite on the disc?

“Well...not really... The full combination of the pieces makes up my favourite. It feels great to be able to offer newly minted Christmas music for the Christmas dinner this year, or for a quiet period of reflection in front of the fire.”

The disc will be published on Spotify.

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Translated by George Farrants

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