Candidate for vice-chancellor at Linköping University proposed for consultation process

The recruitment group appointed by the University Board has decided to propose Professor Jan-Ingvar Jönsson, Linköping University, for a consultation process for the vice-chancellorship.

Thor Balkhed

Jan-Ingvar Jönsson will next week meet the four consultation groups that have been appointed to represent students, teachers, other employees, and the academic and administrative management. Jan-Ingvar Jönsson came to Linköping University in 2003 and is professor in medical cell biology at the Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences, BKV. Since 2016 he has been principal secretary for medicine and health and for clinical research at the Swedish Research Council.

“I am delighted to be able to present Jan-Ingvar Jönsson as candidate for the vice-chancellorship at Linköping University”, says Lena Sommestad, chair of the University Board.

“Jan-Ingvar Jönsson is a highly qualified researcher and teacher with broad experiences of management on many levels, not only within his own university but also in national and international contexts. He satisfies in an excellent manner the complete breadth of expertise given in the specification of requirements.”

The recruitment group has unanimously ranked Jan-Ingvar Jönsson as the primary candidate and agreed to present him for the consultation process.

“As chair of the board, I find it highly valuable that representatives for the general public, students, teachers and a co-opted representative for the employee associations have reached a unanimous decision in the recruitment group”, says Lena Sommestad.

“We have carried out an extensive and careful recruitment process and are convinced that Jan-Ingvar Jönsson can meet the high expectations that have been posed, both internally and externally.”

The new vice-chancellor is to take up the post on 1 July 2020 when the contract of current vice-chancellor Helen Dannetun expires. The final decision of who is to become vice-chancellor at Linköping University will be taken by the government, after the University Board has put forward a suggestion. The contract for a vice-chancellor normally runs for six years, and can then be renewed in three year-periods, a maximum of two times.


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