Higher citation rates for LiU research

Research at Linköping University is being increasingly noticed by researchers all over the world. This is shown by a recent global ranking list, in which LiU has risen significantly when measured by the number of citations per employee. In the overall list, however, LiU’s position is now 302, from a previous ranking of 287.

The British QS World University Rankings has recently published its annual list, considered to be one of the most influential global ranking lists.

Linköping University is now ranked slightly lower overall than in the previous list. The most important factor in this is that 50% of the weighting of the QS list is based on questionnaires sent to academic personnel at various institutions of higher education and recruiters at international companies. These questionnaires ask which institutions of higher education have the best reputation, and it is particularly in the latter group that LiU has lost territory. The position of a university on a ranking list depends on who answers the questionnaires. Other universities than Linköping University have felt the consequences of this.

What is more positive is the significant increase in the number of citations, which measures the degree to which research at an institution of higher education is referred to by other researchers in scientific articles. LiU has here improved by nearly 100 positions.

Among institutions of higher education younger than 50 years, Linköping University holds place 30 globally.

QS also presents the most prominent institutions of higher education within specific fields of study. LiU is among the best 100 within nursing.

Four American institutions – MIT, Stanford, Harvard and Caltech – occupy the top four places on the QS list. One Swedish university holds a place among the top 100, namely Lund University at 98.

QS World University Rankings


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