LiU breaks the 4 billion barrier

Economic growth continued for Linköping University during 2018. The newly published annual report shows that the annual turnover for the first time exceeded SEK 4 billion.

Man looking up, holding drone Martin Enqvist, senior lecturer and docent in automatic control, is on the front page of the annual report. Gunilla Lundström

Several new educational programmes were established in 2018, including Experimental and Industrial Biomedicine, the first bachelor programme at LiU to be given in English. The university received a number of large research grants in several disciplines, and publications in scientific journals continued to increase. The degree of international collaboration is ever-increasing, and LiU has participated in many official visits, conferences, networking meets och international development projects. The fierce competition to recruit talented teachers and researchers remains a serious challenge.

Starting in 2018, the number of people studying at LiU has been calculated in a new manner, as a consequence of the launch of the new student registry, Ladok 3. The number of students at LiU is 32,000 when calculated using the definition recommended by the Ladok consortium. The number of co-workers remains the same, approximately 4,000.

The university had an economic surplus of SEK 156 million in 2018.

The complete annual report (in Swedish) can be downloaded here

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