Zero tolerance of harassment in academia

In a statement, the board of the Association of Swedish Higher Education (SUHF) stresses that the Swedish academic community will not accept any form of harassment. This comes after 2,400 female researchers and teachers came forward regarding the abuse they have been subject to. The chair of the SUHF is Helen Dannetun, Linköping University’s vice-chancellor.

Statement from the Association of Swedish Higher Education:

The academic community will not accept harassment

The force behind the #Akademiuppropet campaign is massive, and vice-chancellors and university managements around Sweden are taking it very seriously, as they work to fulfil their duty: to ensure that the academic community is free from all sorts of harassment.

Preventing unhealthy cultures where different types of offensive treatment can thrive requires good work environments and good leadership. To this end, university management groups around the country are responsible for maintaining an active and open dialogue with students and staff on these issues. All managers at different levels in the academic community have a duty to work preventively, to promptly find methods to deal with suspected harassment, and to then take action based on relevant legislation. A system for this is already in place, and we work with it actively – not least together with our students.

Contemptible cultures that allow harassment to continue and that let those guilty of such behaviour remain unaccountable are not acceptable within the academic community. Rather, we must always encourage suspected harassment to be brought into the open, so that we can take action. We hope that one positive effect of the #Akademiuppropet campaign is that this important issue remains on the agenda at higher education institutions, and fosters an awareness that increases the willingness to report, to highlight and to stop sexual harassment.

The board of the Association of Swedish Higher Education (SUHF)


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