Scholarships for students, PhD-students and young researchers at LiU Norrköping

You can now apply for SCHOLARSHIPS for students, PhD-students and young researchers at LiU Norrköping. Seek funds from Norrköping Municipality scholarship, Östergötland County Council Scholarship, LFV Scholarship and others. Your application should be sent November 9, 2018 at the latest.

Scholarships kan be applied individually or for a group of persons, unless the donator has not instructed otherwise.
Unless otherwise is written, scholarships can be applied by students and PhD candidates at LiU Campus Norrköping, as well as researchers who finished their PhD degree within the last five years.

Deadline November 9

Norrköping Municipality scholarship,

The total scholarship amount is 25 000 SEK, divided between five candidates (at most). The scholarship is awarded to students and younger researchers in the Faculty of Philosophy and the field of science education in or through their studies or research judged to have done meritorious services to Norrköping development and / or for municipal activities in Norrkoping. Also applicants who have completed their education previous academic year may qualify for efforts made during the last year. The scholarship can also be awarded for ongoing or planned studies in these areas.

Östergötland County Council Scholarship,

The total scholarship amount is up to 25 000 SEK, divided between a maximum of five students. The scholarship is awarded to ambitious and talented students at Hälsouniversitet, Campus Norrköping. Involvement in the Corps and / or section work is meritorious. An applicant must show how the funds are intended to be used.

Norrköping Polytechnical Association Scholarship,

The total scholarship amount is 70 000 SEK. There are two types of scholarships, project scholarships and general scholarships. The scholarship amount will be shared among several candidates and is aimed at students and postgraduates (doktorander) at the Technical Institute at Campus Norrköping. Graduate students and researchers with an interdisciplinary focus may be eligible if the current project has a qualified technical content. Project Grants are awarded to support the implementation of degree-qualified work and study as well as research projects, which are of special value to industry and society. Contributions may also be given to the development of technical education at LiU Norrköping and to qualified scientific literary production. General scholarships, not linked to specific projects, can be awarded to encourage ambitious and talented students.

LFV Scholarship,

The total scholarship amount is 10 000 SEK, which is can be shared by several persons. The scholarship is awarded to ambitious and talented students / graduate students / young researchers at Campus Norrköping. Also people who this year completed their studies are eligible. They are given as support to qualified certificates and paper work, study or research projects, all aimed at air traffic (e.g., logistics, environment, visualization, data analysis and security). Projects can be in the planning stage, under construction or completed. With an advantage they may have an international focus.

Your application should be sent November 9, 2018 at the latest by email to as one (1) PDF document per scholarship you seek. Applications which do not meet this formal requirements will be returned with a request to follow the instruction and merge all documents into one PDF.

There is no special form to use, but the application must contain clear information on which scholarship you are applying for, information on academic and other qualifications that you invoke ( a CV and some excerpt of your academic rating is appropriate), and a description of the intended use of the scholarship (some scholarships have additional requirements). Provide also a short text describing yourself. The applicatio letter first in the PDF, should not exceed 5000 characters and the entire PDF, with CV and affidavits pasted into it, should not be more than 10 pages.

If you are applying for more than one scholarship, a separate and complete application should be submitted for each scholarship. Decision will be taken in late November, after which all applicants are informed on the outcome.

The scholarships will be awarded at a special ceremony Dec. 14, 2018 in "Utsikten", Kåkenhus, at lunch-time.

In case of ambiguities, the Swedish text is the legal one.

For details on each scholarship, see attached document

Questions are answered by Erik Berggren,, who is responsible for the process.


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