Open lectures on recent research at the CMIV

Are you curious about what lies behind the stunning images of the body’s interior produced by the Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization (CMIV)? Take the chance to see state-of-the-art research at this year’s CMIV conference, Tuesday 17 October.

Tell us about the new approach you’re using at this year’s CMIV conference.Anders Persson på CMIV föreläser på Lunchklubben i Linköping

“We’re opening our doors so that anyone who wants to can come and see what we do at the CMIV. In previous years, research groups attached to the CMIV have gone off somewhere and presented their research for each other. This has given rise to new multidisciplinary collaborations, when people discover that someone else is working in a research field relevant to their own work. This year we wanted to stay at LiU and thus make the conference open for more people, including those who are not currently attached to the CMIV,” says Anders Persson, director of the CMIV.

What are the lectures about – is there a particular theme?

“It’s a mixed bag, a selection of topics from research at the CMIV, where each lecture will deal with a specific organ field. Each year the researchers vote to select three flagship projects that are given more focus, and more information about these is given in the lectures. Our research is broad, multidisciplinary and designed to bring patient benefit. We work a lot with diagnostic methods of the future. On Tuesday, we’ll describe how non-invasive investigations of the liver using a magnet resonance camera can give just as much information as a tissue sample. This means that it’s not necessary to take biopsies using a large needle. Another lecture shows how it is possible to carry out bloodless investigations of the heart with image-based diagnosis, very quickly giving the doctor an idea of how the heart is working and how blood is flowing through it.”

Can anyone come and listen?

“Oh yes, anyone who is interested in this field is welcome. The only limitation is the size of the Hugo Theorell lecture theatre, where the lectures are to be held. We can only provide coffee and lunch for participants who register in advance.”

What else is happening at the CMIV conference?

“We have a poster exhibition outside the lecture theatre, where PhD students describe their projects. This is also open to everyone. There will be two scheduled poster sessions during the day when it’s possible to talk to the poster authors, at 9.45 and 12.30.”

What are you hoping that the audience will take home from the day?

“A better understanding and knowledge about what the CMIV does. It is much more than just making pretty pictures. The research at the CMIV is more complicated than many people believe. We carry out not only fundamental research, but also applied research into how to process the huge amounts of different types of data created by digital pathology, with the aid of, for example, artificial intelligence, AI. AI is a hot topic at the moment in medical diagnostic imaging, as can be seen by the fact that the course we have just started in the field is extremely oversubscribed.”


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