Awards for LiU entrepreneurs

Two companies with roots at Linköping University – Epishine AB and Worldish AB – are among the winners of a Swedish competition for entrepreneurs. They received awards for business ideas with the potential to contribute to a better society. Epishine has developed a new type of solar cell, while Worldish has developed a translation service that makes communication in healthcare easier.

The competition, arranged by leading Swedish bank Swedbank, is known as “Rivstart”. Ten of the 4321 competition entries have been selected, and each will receive SEK 250,000 together with a tailored programme from the bank to bring their commercial ideas to reality. The jury has included prominent Swedish figures such as diplomat Jan Eliasson, professor in environmental science Johan Rockström, and business leader Sara Wimmercrantz.

“We convinced the jury that we can solve a major social problem in the world. We spiced up our presentation with a role play in which we showed how difficult communication can be in a healthcare situation,” says Abhishek Jacob Chethikatt, chairman of the board and one of the founders of Worldish AB.

The company is developing a translation service to overcome language barriers between patients and personnel in the healthcare system. This may be particularly important in emergency situations. The app ensures that patients receive more rapid and better access to care, and makes the work situation of personnel easier.

New type of solar cells

The other company to receive an award, Epishine AB, has developed a method to manufacture printed organic solar cells. The technology makes possible wireless energy supply for the sensors used in the growing market of objects that communicate with each other over the internet without human involvement (the “internet of things”). In the long term, the new type of solar cell may also provide cheap, clean electricity to millions of people. It is based on more than 20 years of research into organic electronics at Linköping University.

Epishine AB has obtained support from the university’s innovation office, LiU Innovation, including its advisory service and Venture Arena, a service that pairs innovators with possible investors. Worldish AB participated in the student incubator LiU Impact Factory 2016-17, and is now included in the ECIU Startup Discovery Journey. ECIU is a network of innovative universities, where Linköping University is a member.

Picture: Thor Balkhed

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