Surface Physics and Chemistry (YFK)

Research in Organic Physics and Transport and Separations.

The Organic Physics group is led by Prof. Mats Fahlman. The research in the group is focused on:

  • fundamental study and model development of weakly-interacting organic-organic and organic-metal interfaces
  • interface engineering in organic electronics i.e. development of techniques for improving charge injection, exciton dissociation and stability of interfaces in organic electronic devices
  • the study and design of hybrid organic spintronic interfaces with the aim to understand and improve devices such as hybrid spin-valves and other OMR devices
  • the development and study of thin film organic-based semi-conducting magnets with the aim to understand and tune materials properties to enable efficient organic spintronic device design and fabrication.

The Transport and Separations group, led by Assoc. Prof. Nathaniel D. Robinson, focuses on:

  • ionic and electronic transport in fluids and solid-state materials.
  • the creation and understanding of new devices in areas such as micro- and nano-fluidics and solid-state lighting.

The Functional Electronic Material, led by Prof. Weimin Chen, focuses on:

  • electronic, magnetic and photonic semiconductor materials and nanostructures.
  • novel spintronic materials.
  • advanced electronic and photonic materials based on wide bandgap semiconductors and highly mismatched semiconductors.
  • semiconductor nanostructures.

Head of Division
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